Welcome to One Acre Farm!

It very literally IS just one acre. What can you breed/grow/do with just one acre? That is the question that started us on our journey into "micro-farming." So far, with our one acre, we are raising 3 kids, 5 cats (give or take...), some raised bed gardens of different sizes and, most importantly, rabbits. We currently raise purebred Californian, NZW, and Rex Rabbits.

We started with three Californian does and one buck from AARabbits in Willis, Texas. I cannot say enough good things about Aaron Webster and his breeding stock. He was a young man at the time, and he did a tremendous job with his over 200 rabbits. 

We also have a Californian doe from Fox Meadows Rabbitry in Silsbiee, Texas. Leah McInnis is involved in 4-H with her children and is a wealth of information, as well as being a top-notch breeder of Californians, Flemish Giants and Mini Rex. 

*Leah is no longer actively breeding rabbits, but is still a great 4H contact.

Our lovely Rex (not Mini Rex) come from several different breeders. Our original Chocolates came from Amanda Fritsch of Dollyrock Farm in Wisconsin. We purchased one Sr. Doe (Symphony) and one Sr. buck (Cadbury). So far this pair has given us incredible litters, including many Lilacs! 

One Acre Farm's Mr. Nibbles Jr. is the offspring of Victory Garden's Mr. Nibbles, a Broken Black Rex buck that I brought home from a trip to see a friend in California. He has since moved on to a new home, but his son, Nibbles Jr., produces outstanding litters for us. Victory Garden Rabbits is run by Annette McDaniel and is located near Bakersfield, CA. 

Funny Bunny Farm's Oliver Twist, a Broken Opal Sr. Rex Buck and Funny Bunny Farm's Anna come from Teresa Miller, of Funny Bunny Farm Rabbits in Edna, Texas.  

We recently added a lovely Broken Chocolate buck from Renea Slovak of Michigan and a beautiful pair of Red Rex from Melvin and Benny Thomas of Flower Mound, Texas. We are excited to see what the amazing new rabbits produce for us!

In 2012 we added a NZW Doe, Freya, and Buck, Yeti, from Lori Basgil of Basgil/Borden Rabbits, in Crosby, Texas. Lori and her business partner, Sue Borden, produce amazing rabbits. In fact, they won Best of Breed for NZW's at the 90th Annual ARBA Convention in 2013. Freya and Yeti have already produced some outstanding NZW rabbits for us. One Acre Farm's JS1, a Jr. NZW Buck sold to Stacie Grange of College Station, Texas, won 2nd Place in the Open Roaster class at the 91st Annual ARBA Convention in 2014.

We previously had Commercial Meat Production NZW's in our herd. We had three does and one buck that came from Dr. Steven Lukefahr and The Rabbit Research Program at Texas A&M University, Kingsville (TAMUK). They were stellar producers and we had been very happy with the results we were seeing from them. We sold our quartet to focus on our show lines for 4H and FFA,  but breeding pairs and trios from this hardy and heat resistant stock are available seasonally from TAMUK directly.

If you need rabbits for a specific show, or meat pens for an 4H/FFA event, let us know ahead of time so that we can be sure to breed for the dates that you need. We plan to have plenty of available kits for meat pens and *possibly* adult breeders available for 2015. 

Our gardens currently hold several varieties of squash and zucchini, Jerusalem Artichokes, tomatoes and peppers. Our property is overflowing with all kinds of wildflowers and weeds, but the majority of them are rabbit (and people) edible, so it is all good!  Stay posted for news updates as Summer is coming soon!

Did you know that rabbit manure is a "cold" manure and that you can add it directly to your garden without harming your plants? No composting needed! We sell rabbit manure by the bag, or by the cubic yard. We are composting some of ours, simply because the soil here is so full of sand and clay. The compost will enrich the soil and we will also add rabbit manure when we plant.